Massage Therapy

Steven Waterston Sports Massage Therapy


Personal Training and Rehabilitation (60 minutes and up • £30.00)

Sport Massage Therapy (60 minutes and up • £30)

Advanced Sports Nutrition (60 minutes and up • £30)

To book appointments with Steven please call: 07505270099.   

About Steven

Steven is a Sports Massage Therapist who supports clients with injury management and rehabilitation including chronic conditions. He uses his skills and adopts an array of techniques and treatments based on his own experiences to assist clients to deal effectively with their injuries.  He has consulted on various conditions from Huntington’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis to neck, shoulder, lower back pain and knee trauma. Steven himself has endured a vast experience of intensive rehabilitation within Astley Ainslie Hospital (Edinburgh) and The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre/DMRC (Headley Court) in Surrey following multiple leg surgeries and reconstructions and extensive neuro-rehabilitation. 

After 20 years military service and 6 years of academic and vocational study Steven has further created the opportunity to qualify as an advanced personal trainer and sports therapist. As an Athlete he is holds the UK number 1 IPC/Para Athlete (T38) titles for both marathon and half marathon distances which, he has held since 2013. He regularly coaches and is the Team Manager for Edinburgh Athletic Club under 11 - under 17 young males cross country athletes and habitually treats team members with issues such as: growing pains/Severs Disease, ankle sprains and various other ailments throughout the year including - providing recommendations to aid recovery and reduce future injury recurrence.